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Royal Defense
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Royal Defense

Do you want to travel to the bygone times, where events described in the world - famous epopee "The Lord of the Rings" could happen? Very attractive invitation, isn't it? Download the captivating game Royal Defense and find yourself in the distant kingdom, where the internecine wars take place. The old experienced warriors have made a long journey to the sworn enemies at the distant kingdoms and their own kingdom stayed without defense. That's why the kingdom needs a hero that will be able to protect the rich kingdom from the endless legions of invaders. Play the game Royal Defense and be ready to lead the army of the defenders and beat off all attacks of the enemies! Build the defensive towers with different casualty radiuses, upgrade them and keep the hordes of invaders in the distance. Gather gold and crystals to improve the towers' characteristics - there are lots of them: great variety of spells and defensive abilities, you can also loot the killed monsters and get extra gold. You'll undoubtedly like the new game Royal Defense and you'll never get bored while playing it. You are to meet face to face with wicked worgs, sly trolls and merciless orcs with their axes, destroying everything on their way and your aim is to defeat all of them! Lots of different campaigns and several levels of difficulty for all the players won't leave you indifferent, because everybody will find the difficulty mode to their taste and skill. Play the game Royal Defense and have fun!