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Rolling Idols: Lost City
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Rolling Idols: Lost City

Help ancient gods defeat the Lord of Chaos in the colorful Match 3 game Rolling Idols: Lost City! The Lord of Chaos Nibiru was imprisoned by 6 ancient gods – 6 Elements. But one day he managed to run away and captured the gods. Fortunately, 3 of them escaped and now they want to dismiss all the others. Help them in this dangerous yet noble mission in the fabulous game Rolling Idols: Lost City! Match the elements of the same color and collect their power. In the right corner you will see the scale that you are to fill with the elements' power. The longer chains you create the quicker the scale will be filled, the quicker you cope with the level, the more stars and money you get. If you want to earn more money, complete the level in a certain number of moves. Your aim is to build all the pyramids of the Lost City where Nibiru keeps the gods of elements. The pyramids deprive Nibiru of his power and set one of the gods free. As soon as one of the gods is released, his element will appear on the game board thus making the game more difficult. But don't worry! You have a unique opportunity to upgrade the elements! For example, you can buy the upgrade for the Nature Element and turn it to a Frog that leaps within a radius of 2 elements. The Fire Element can be upgraded to the Dragon which will swallow red and green elements. All these upgrades will help you to defeat Nibiru. Build all pyramids and set the elements free in the game Rolling Idols: Lost City!