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The Rise Of Atlantis
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The Rise Of Atlantis

Are you fond of travelling? Get ready for the most absorbing trip of your life! The Rise Of Atlantis is not a usual journey! Here's a map with your route - you are going to visit ancient lands of Phoenica, Babylon, Egypt, Carthage, Rome, Greece and Troy. Have you ever imagined this? Just make fun and explore them all! At the beginning of every level part by part you get to know an excellent story about the ancient world. It turns out that you can save the fabulous land of Atlantis and make it a dry land again! Solve all the puzzles of the game and collect 7 artifacts. Every region keeps one of them. It should be done to get the power of Poseidon, the protector of Atlantis. At first sight eye-teasers seem to be very simple. You should make a chain of three or more similar tiles to make them disappear. Collecting 4 or more items you charge the sun-bonus. It can burn lots of bricks at once and set free the parts of artifact if you activate it. There are some other power-ups that help you to remove the tiles, such as bomb and lightning. Watch the time indication at the bottom of the screen and don't lose the life! If you are lucky to get a sunglass, you'll be able to receive extra time. The Rise Of Atlantis is a fascinating game with mysterious plot and funny mini-games! Excellent animated graphics and vivid sound effects make the spellbind impression - now you can create wonders yourself! Download the game right now absolutely for free and travel to the otherworldly past with The Rise Of Atlantis!