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5 Realms Of Cards
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5 Realms Of Cards

You have hardly ever thought that ordinary solitaire games have a lot in common with mysteries and captured queens. So you will be surprised for sure. The game 5 Realms Of Cards is really astonishing! It is full of crooked plot turns and you will never get what you are waiting for - except the solitaire game itself. The plot is the following - there were 5 realms that had always lived in peace. But good times are over and now the evil spells covered the kingdom. Today you are a player and not just a viewer or witness any more. You can change the situation in the story and help the realms. The princess, Jokerina, disappeared from the magic castle and you have to save her. The sooner - the better, of course. So don't waste time and take part in the mind-challenging solitaire game The 5 Realms Of Cards. You will deal with numerous stages and levels to go through. While playing you'll enjoy the extraordinary animation which is the game true pride without fail! There are 2 modes in the gorgeous solitaire game 5 Realms Of Cards, try both of them to set a challenge to your mind! Together with the main storyline you are able to try mini- games that are full of surprises and abrupt turns! While playing any stage or level you will face lots of bonus cards - erased, frozen and snowflakes with Jokers which always add the intrigue to the game. It's a perfect mind-developing and thrilling game for players of all ages. Download the ravishing game 5 Realms Of Cards right now and you will be definitely surprised by the amazing quality of this exciting game!