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Rain Talisman
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Rain Talisman

Have you heard of the Rain Talisman? Here is a new game for you! Twist the colorful spheres with the special wheel and when the colors suit each other various figures are formed. Perhaps, it may seem a bit strange in the very beginning but soon you'll understand how to act and will feel confident. As there are 4 colors when you start it won't be difficult for you to mix them and get good results. Soon you'll get trained enough to pass more complicated levels and solve puzzles which are devoted for the advanced gamers. New colors will provide you with new challenges. Do your best to pass all of them and don't hesitate if you're at a loss. Rain Talisman always has some hints for you - make use of the Shuffle Button if you don't know what to do. As for the number of parts of the game - there are 5 of them and each one ends with a special level full of bonuses. Enjoy playing them and discovering secrets and surprises. Nice sound effects and magnificent background will make you feel being in a fairy tale full of magic and spells. Use all the opportunities Rain Talisman gives you and don't forget about the time. Spend it with care and use time-freeze not to lose. You should be concentrated and attentive with everything while playing. Create your own ways of passing the levels and you'll see how much you can achieve. Every successful attempt will be awarded so don't hesitate! Download the game right now and have unforgettable moments of fun together with Rain Talisman. Good luck to you!