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Snowy: Puzzle Islands
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Snowy: Puzzle Islands

What to do if you are looking for an entertainment that will give fun for both grown-ups and children? Is there anything that could be small but big, or hard and easy at the same time, and with the same grade of fun inside of it? We are ready to help you out with that task! Try our unexpectedly flexible and captivating game Snowy: Puzzle Islands. Our good old friend polar bear travels around his universe and finds cool islands floating above the ground. After reaching one of them he must pass through all levels to get home. Standard play mode has something to offer you. 5 unique worlds each full of challenging levels are quite a good experience for brains. Change everyday activity and check your skills finding way out of really hard places. Growing difficulty will prepare your brain to some levels, victory in which will be so desirable and tasty you can't imagine this! Enjoy this great mind-breaking game Snowy: Puzzle Islands and share it with kids to provide them with some extra education. Enter the kid's play mode to see a big number of specially created puzzles with tasks that differ from adult's rules. To open the portal they must collect all fruits on the level map and use moving mechanisms to reach far spots. Together with the funny polar bear everyone will find out how to pass a level. Especially with the solution button, which can be used only 4 times in one world, though. Anyway, this new entertainment is waiting until you download Snowy: Puzzle Islands to give you bright feeling of pure victory!