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Hide And Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest
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Hide And Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest

Like solving puzzles? Hide And Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest has lots of them! This is a game for adventure lovers, for those, who are not afraid of danger and sudden turns on the way! According to the legend, the souls of Egyptian Pharaoh and his wife were united in their aftertime for eternity. But the cunning robbers stole the magic jewels and thus broke the magic that kept the spirits of the lovers together. Get ready! You are going to travel all over the world to visit the most exotic places and find all the artifacts. You are to fulfill a great mission - to activate the magic and reunite the ancient couple. This task is far from easy, but your adventure costs this - no doubt, it will be extremely interesting! In Hide And Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest you will find not only colorful hidden object levels, where you should come across numerous things, but also various puzzles and mini-games. If you are confused to find some object - don't give up! Just use a hint. Above all, there is a possibility of increasing such tips. Some of the items that you will find will be helpful for you. Don't be nervous because of the time limit, just relax and enjoy the gameplay. Level by level you go further and are pulled into the story deeper and deeper. There is a chance not only to read the dialogues of the heroes but to hear their voices as well. Don't miss a chance to dive into this adventurous world right now. Are you ready? Good luck! Download Hide And Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest absolutely for free right now!