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Categories: Puzzle, Adventure

Pharaoh's Mystery

Pharaoh's Mystery is a perfect puzzle where you'll dive into magnificent atmosphere of ancient Egypt! The enigmatic legend of Akhenaton is waiting for you in the game Pharaoh Mystery and you are to solve numerous puzzles to reveal all the mysteries. Scarab is both a weapon and a helper - just throw it to the colored bricks to destroy them. Now you have a lot of coins, they are scattered carelessly right in front of your face! Catch as many as you can! Be quick! When you get a certain sum demanded to complete the task - you are able to go to the next stage and continue your adventure. Enjoy the gorgeous Egyptian views in the game Pharaoh's Mystery and try to set a record! You'll enjoy every minute of the game without fail. The scarab destroys bricks; you gather coins and gems that are mentioned in the task. The clock is ticking - don't forget about it. If you want to accept a true challenge - click your right button and lines will appear faster on the screen. You have to clean the screen from the colored bricks and get as many coins as possible. The colorful puzzle Pharaoh's Mystery is a combination of a dynamic gameplay and perfect mechanics that go inseparably and will amaze you at first sight. There are numerous tasks for you in the game but it's still relaxing. Pharaoh's Mystery is definitely both for those who wants to relax and for gamers of quick moves. All of them will enjoy the bright and captivating game Pharaoh Mystery!


Download Pharaoh's Mystery - Pharaoh Games Download Pharaoh's Mystery - Pharaoh Games Download Pharaoh's Mystery - Pharaoh Games


Numerous tasks
Sparkling gems and coins
Original design
Pharaoh Games - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

OS: Windows ME/2000/XP/VISTA
CPU: 600MHz
RAM: 256 MB
DirectX 7.0
Sound card
based on

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