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An incredible space view is opening slowly step by step in this incredible extraterrestrial P-Slider adventure! There's a huge ice cake on which there is no one but a little slider! But what is he doing here alone, on a deserted piece of ice somewhere in the atmosphere? A tiny ice land belongs to a little creature sliding on it in the strong wind and freezing temperature. He is the hero looking for his family. What makes him be here without his family? A huge asteroid has fallen down and sharp pieces of it are the only help. They give the penguin power to restore energy and save him from falling off the ice cake! It's extremely difficult to stay stable and slide in the right direction as the edges are so close. You will be helping the adventurer learn to slide with right speed so that not to lose life. Every time you collect a different asteroid shard and it gives you a unique talent, after a while there will be a combination. You need to collect treasures as well to get bonus rewards. P-Slider also faces lots of strange and unfriendly monsters on his way. So you need to help the penguin be careful and escape the spiders appearing unexpectedly and dodge their attacks. Be aware of traps also as they eliminate your life and sliding abilities and make you start anew. In fact P-Slider is an absolutely outstanding game demanding attention and dexterity and suitable both for kids and adults as it's a great journey somewhere in the universe! Free for installing!

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