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Crusaders of Space: Open Range
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Crusaders of Space: Open Range

The Earth has been attacked again! Nobody could believe it at first as all the enemies were defeated 5 years ago. But more and more star ships are coming from the space, more and more warriors can be noticed. Their number is increasing every single minute. It's not a false alarm. The government worries about the quality and the quantity of the forces we have here to oppose the attacks. Nobody knows for sure what to do next as the aliens' arrival was sudden and has become a bad surprise. The only thing people realize is these are the ships of the Big Brain. But how can it be so? Weren't they destroyed in the far-away past? Now you see they weren't. The government is getting ready for the strike, but they're still looking for someone who'll be able to help them and survive in the final battle. Will you try your hand in Crusaders of Space: Open Range? All the necessary equipment, digital maps and modern weapon will be given to you if you agree to take revenge. You must be attentive and concentrated while shooting as well as cruel and sly while planning. Notice the target and open fire on the invaders. Move fast to avoid them shooting you and make the best use of the weapon. If you're steady and tolerant the warriors soon won't be able to maintain resistance and will be defeated. But don't hurry up! You can't get relaxed as Crusaders of Space: Open Range prepared one more difficulty for you to get through. The final battle with the boss will show how powerful you're and what abilities you have. Don't waste your time, go on shooting to get the scores and accomplish your goals. Download Crusaders of Space: Open Range right now!