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It's time to train your memory! You think that you are good at counting? Numericon is a challenging adventure that gives you a chance to check it! This puzzle with numbers will never let you be bored! Well, let's start! Make chains of numbers and remember that the last tile should be as big as the sum of the previous figures. There are three modes at your choice - adventure, puzzle and survival. Playing adventure game you have to get through lots of levels where every following is trickier than the previous one. It's the best workout for your brains! Watch the sandglass, and think as fast as you can! Solving the eye-teasers you can get some power-ups and skills - increase your time or just freeze it, enlarge the number of remaining attempts or double your points. By the way, you can select the bonus yourself. Sometimes you'll see the jewels on the tiles - break them and catch extra points! Playing Numericon puzzle mode concentrate on the gameplay without paying attention to the time left. Forget about everything and enjoy the game! Keep in mind that you are to build the chain in such a way that all the tiles will disappear from the field. Here you should take into account all possible paces. If you like to risk, you'd better choose Survival stage. Here you have to sharpen your wit! The time is limited, hurry up and be flat-out to win! No doubt, Numericon will be in the list of your favorite logical games! You can download this remarkable collection of puzzles with numbers right now absolutely for free!