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Jewels of the Nile
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Jewels of the Nile

Bet you've never expected this number of Jewels of the Nile! Now you have an excellent opportunity not only to count but to catch them all! You have to help Anuket, one of the goddesses of the Nile River, collect the gems around her territory in the brilliant Jewels of the Nile game. To complete this difficult task you have your powerful scarab shooter which is designed to hold only 2 gems simultaneously. You should push them into the line of jewels so that the similar colors appear together. As soon as you get 3 gems of the same color they disappear making the quickly moving chain shorter. To help you in your complicated mission Anuket upgraded your shooter with laser to push the gems precisely and the ability the rotate it vertically and horizontally. So this time you can also climb up the walls! To make the things even better 15 types of the bonuses with fall on you from the blue sky. Among them are additional lives, multicolored balls, bombs, additional bonuses and what not! The only problem is to catch these extremely quick flying items. But as soon as you get used to the speed you are fond of the mighty power of the precious bonuses. Enjoy this entertainment to the full extent without any limits. The music and sounds effect will help you feel the atmosphere of Ancient Egypt - you won't be able to stop this fun! The catching game Jewels of the Nile is definitely worth trying! Download it right now absolutely for free and prove yourself you can collect all of the jewels in the Nile region!