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Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary
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Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary

What can be better than going to the Mediterranean Sea? Only going there for free! But we all know there's always something strange when you get things for free! Right, Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary is a kind of hidden path to the world of adventures and investigations. Julia is a risky girl so for her this is not a scaring experience. When she reaches the destination she finds out that a lot of secrets are waiting for her! When she comes to the hotel room there is a strange object - a diary. It tells her where to go and what to do. The girl's task now is to pass one hotel room after another and discover new facts. Numbers, to be precise. She starts Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary together with you and needs your help and brains to cope with the mission. What's there ahead - no one knows. Is it a secret of a huge fortune dug in the garden or not? Is it possible to learn the truth and stay alive? Maybe it's a hidden message from a villain and Julia is coming right into the hands of the cruel man… We'll get the answer when we reach the end of the story. You need to take part in lots of mini-games and collect keys, opening doors and cabinets then. To find all the numbers you go through riddles and puzzling tasks. Mysterious Travel: The Magic Diary is an endless quest where a gamer looks for answers and analyzes the environment. Collect all your will and dare to take part in such a challenging journey. Only destiny can tell whether you come back or not!