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Murder, She Wrote 2: Return to Cabot Cove
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Murder, She Wrote 2: Return to Cabot Cove

Have you ever watched the famous TV serial Murder She Wrote, that was so popular among both elderly people and youth? You'll probably try to puzzle out who the criminal was, won't you? Now you have the nice possibility to come back to these dangerous times and join the company of Jessica Fletcher again. Download the absorbing game Murder She Wrote 2 and enjoy risky adventures at the Cabot Cove! At the first mission: Masterpiece of Murder you should reveal the culprit who killed Milton Becker, the famous Art Gallery owner. In the local newspaper you found the article, in which was written that Mr. Becker was eager to exhibit the last work of the talented artist who had drowned in the pond two months ago. And it seemed that somebody didn't want the canvas to be exhibited. But why? You have to investigate it! Play the game Murder She Wrote 2 and take part in breathtaking brainstorm - look for evidence, match facts and unmask the murderer! There are two modes in the game - choose casual mode for relax: it will take a minute for the hint to get refilled and useful areas will be highlighted, so it's easy enough to find hidden objects. If you like hardcore, the expert mode is for you. Use your inventory to continue investigation and solve all the puzzles! You are just an amateur detective, but don't be upset - it's high time to become a professional! Imprison all criminals in the game Murder She Wrote 2 and you can get the policeman's badge, without fail.