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Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey
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Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey

Solve colorful patchwork puzzles and save magical creatures in the amazing game Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey! The enchanted land needs your help again: a curse has been placed on the fairy-tale worlds! Restore mosaic puzzles, get the keys, and save magical creatures from the curse! It’s high time for adventure, meet your favorite characters from fairy tales and have fun while completing numerous tasks! Are you ready to rack your brains and get smarter? Launch the game Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey and start your journey right now! Mystical locations, forest creatures, noble ladies, skillful magicians, and children of fire are here in the game Mosaics Galore: Glorious Journey! Solve every mosaic and you’ll discover the incredible wonders of this wonderful land! Feel the spirit of good old fantasy and enjoy the atmosphere of ancient legends and myths without leaving your home!