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Ultimate Monster Trucks
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Ultimate Monster Trucks

Welcome to Ultimate Monster Trucks! Really frightening cars of immense size, unreal capacity, high speed and great abilities are waiting for those whose passion for serious competitions prevails in life. There are only few people in our big world who're ready to risk everything they have for the sake of adrenalin they get while sitting in one of such cars and driving as fast as they can. The Ultimate Monster Trucks game is not dedicated for shy home-lovers and lazy couch potatoes who miss the whole fun of life staying indoors and having no idea of what can be interesting in things like this. But the boys, girls, men and women who use every single chance to get pleasure and satisfaction always enjoy races where they can feel the wind blowing while the other cars are driving nearby. Ultimate Monster Trucks are opened for those active and energetic brave hearts! Are you among them? Is it easy to catch up with you? If you're in a habit of being a champion in every sphere and you're ready to travel through the UK, China, Spain, Germany, Russia, France and the USA there are no borders for you. The tracks differ a lot as well as the countries do; each of them is unique and requires special skills to compete in various weather conditions. Come on! It's a nice opportunity to see other places and prove you can do more. First get prepared for the race on your own and then enter the Championship. Ultimate Monster Trucks will provide you with all sorts of positive emotions and become an unforgettable experience. Add something new to your collection of the victories!