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Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion
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Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion

If you want to know what Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion exactly is then answer the question: what is New York for us? For some people it means nothing but fashion with all those runways and glistening looks. It is associated with the best and the most impressive events of the city. But one day everything changed and people learnt that somebody had killed a modern designer. Soon after it one young detective Carrie Chase decided to investigate the case and it suddenly occurred that the murderer had already committed series of crimes and perhaps he wasn't going to stop. Those events put an end to the peaceful atmosphere of fashion industry for a while. And it was a beginning of a mysterious adventure of the detective. So Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion is a realistic story of one murder and the ways to reveal all its secrets before it's too late. Actually, though it was quite a complicated case Carrie Chase managed to reach her aims and find the answers to the most of her questions. But will you try your hand at acting like a detective to discover something new? Repeat this woman's labor - leave the murderer no chance to avoid punishment. The criminal must be punished and imprisoned! And the sooner you do it the safer the environment will be. Visit the place when the crime had happened, find objects which can be important for you and use them in the process of the investigation. Discover other rooms and places to collect information. Welcome to the world of Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion!