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Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life
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Mah Jong Quest III: Balance of Life

Welcome to the place where balance is as stable as a thousand year old mountain. Eastern patience and wisdom must have brought you here, so that you could experience this unique adventure of the game Mah Jong Quest III: Balance Of Life. Old Kwazi still does not understand the purpose of all that exists. There are usually wise monks in those places, who help strangers look deeper into things and find the answer. Kwazi is proposed to see the meaning of everything through his own life. Travel with him 72 years back and balance his destiny with the help of his grandpa's mah jong desk. Choose his interests wisely and match his yin and yang year by year. From his parents' house to the mysterious monastry and further to wherever his destiny leads. Experience all new boards and meet some of Kwazi's previous adventures. Walk with him hand in hand and maybe you will find some balance around you. Perfect visuals and outstanding music of Mah Jong Quest III: Balance Of Life will calm down all thoughts and help you pick the best decision out of possible. 4 game modes with hundreds of accessible boards are ready to challenge your patience and skills. Dozens of regular rules and extremely original layouts should be balanced by you. Perform classic, and tripple, and even quad matches in variations mode or go to freeplay and choose the adventure you want to experience. Any chosen direction leads to the calmness and relax. Download inspiring game Mah Jong Quest III: Balance Of Life free of charge and find out the meaning of Kwazi's life or simply enjoy it without restrictions.