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Mahjong Gold
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Mahjong Gold

Are you tired after a long day? It's high time to have a break and blow off steam, so launch the game Mahjong Gold to escape from the dull reality. All of us suffer from ceaseless stress that's why we utterly need to have a break, so why not playing mahjong? Mahjong is a perfect way to relax and release all those unpleasant thoughts. The homeland of mahjong is ancient China. They say that the great Chinese philosopher Confucius created the game in 500 BC. The myth also claims that Confucius was fond of birds, which would explain the name "mahjong". Don't miss the opportunity to touch the magnificent age-old history and play the game Mahjong Gold. You are to investigate the forsaken island, unlock picturesque locations and make a pair for all tiles. The rules are really easy: a pair of available matching tiles can be removed from the game board. Don't forget that you can also remove tiles that belong to one category: "Flowers" or "Seasons". The quicker you remove the tiles - the higher your score is, it means that you get more points during the game. In the game Mahjong Gold you are to complete numerous levels for the certain period of time, earn required amount of points and get new trophies. Use skills and activate bonuses when you come to a dead end: illuminate the blocked tiles or shuffle tiles in tricky situations. Are you ready to become the all-round champion and find the pirate treasure? Follow the terms in the game Mahjong Gold and you'll be a success!