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Magic Gem
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Magic Gem

This story starts on a pirates' ship, goes on and reaches far-fetched lands. It seems that some magicians or gods pour diamonds, pearls and stars from the sky and you have to gather them all. The only possible way to do that is to find matches and destroy the whole rows of tiles. Magic Gem is another lasting incredibly capturing game with a simple plot. The goal of the game is to look for matches and swap gems in order to clear the background from tiles and make it clear. The faster you do that the better the result is. The magic twist of the game is the following: your abilities to move objects aren't limited like in other games. What is more at the end of each level and before starting a new one you have to pass a kind of exam - to play the time mode game. It's not that easy at all. When you manage to destroy more than three gems there appear bonus and items that will help you with bombs exploding, lightning, and magic shooting that transform gems. Magic Gem is specifically interesting because it's done conspicuously. There will appear hand-drawn pictures that are unique as well as the story. You will see the Sacred Waterfall, The Dragon Cave and many other levels. Magic Gem is a wonderful free time activity that will thrill you and catch your eye with unbelievable beauty and unexpected new things appearing. The game is a good competition with time and sparkling superfluity of stones and jewels on the screen that will always amuse you. Download Magic Gem! Check how far you are from the treasure!