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Alice and the Magic Gardens
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Alice and the Magic Gardens

Help Alice decorate her own island and defeat the evil sorceress in the charming game Alice and the Magic Gardens! This wonderful Match 3 game will be perfect not only for children, but for adults as well. Alice was a servant in the king's castle. But one day a fairy named Luna appeared. It turned out that the evil sorceress have stolen all the fruits from the fairies' gardens. They promised to present Alice her own garden if she helped them defeat the enemy. Get ready for a colorful adventure in the game Alice and the Magic Gardens! You will visit different gorgeous gardens: Tropical, Flower, Fantasia, Jungle and Rainbow. Your aim is to make combinations with identical tiles and then with fruit. At the beginning of each level the new goal will be set for you, you are to fulfill it. Enjoy the striking number of bonuses: the fruit bomb, the fruit blaster, the broom and many others. The spiders will make webs thus blocking some tiles. Make a combination with this tile or use the broom to destroy the web. Alice and the Magic Gardens is not just a simple Match 3 game. You will definitely enjoy decorating Alice's garden. The more scores you get, the more money you have. You can buy a lot of things for the garden in the Shop. First build a castle with the roof and towers. Then construct a bridge and a pond. Don't forget to plant flowers and trees. And finally inhabit your garden with butterflies and fairies. Make a paradise out of the plain piece of land!