Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates

Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates
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Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates

Become the terror of the seas and get the precious treasures in the captivating game Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates! Are you tired of everyday routine and want to train your quick wits and attention? It’s high time to set out on the journey to the Caribbean and search for incredible treasures. Lots of adventures lie ahead, don’t miss a chance to take part in the whirlpool of fun! There are several locations for you to explore, so start playing right now not to waste a minute. Solitaire layouts are here to be solved, cope with all of them to become rich! Multicolored gems and chests of gold are waiting for you as a reward at the end of levels. You are to match cards that are coming before or after the card you have on the game board. For example, if you have a card of Queen, you should find a card of King or a card of Jack regardless of their suit to put them on it. Don’t be quick not to miss a possible combination and you’ll be a success. Besides ordinary cards you can see special golden cards, try to put them away from the playing field at the first instance to complete the layout. If you manage to remove all these cards before the cards return to the deck, you’ll receive the maximum number of points. Play the game Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates and get bonus cards with special sign – treasure chest. If removed, such cards will give you extra coins or bonuses. Use a bonus every time you don’t know what to do. There are 3 of them: Shuffle, Mulligan and Joker, all of them are sold in the shop, so it’s up to you to buy them whenever you want. Shuffle will mix all the cards and place them to the game board again, Mulligan will cancel your last action and Joker will turn any card to Joker to help cards match. Play the role of the pirate captain and explore 12 picturesque locations: Shore Front, Desert Beach, Ship’s Deck, Treasury, Coveted Map, Western Path and others. Get the Black Pearl trophy for receiving the maximum number of points in 3 levels in a row and enrich your collection with amazing trophies and rewards in the game Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates!


Download Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates Download Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates Download Solitaire: Legend Of The Pirates


2 game modes
Picturesque locations
15 colorful trophies
Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processor 1 Ghz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 9.0
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