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Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas
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Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas

Congratulations! You were so successful while dealing with the previous Hotel Mogul's versions that the bosses are really proud of you now! They trust you so much that let you build your own empire in the stunning Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game. Yes, you are to pack your bags as soon as possible as you are moving to Las Vegas! Tons of opportunities are waiting for you in this shining city of casinos, bright lights and gorgeous clothes. Don't lose your chance to build the best hotel chain ever! However, your competitors are not going to sit still- they compete with you trying to do their best to attract as many visitors as possible. You are to prove you are the best in the awesome Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game. Learn about everything in details with the help of the interactive tutorial and start making your dreams come true. Build beautiful cafes, funny fountains and unusual statues to attract even more clients. They inhabit your hotel more willingly if they know there are numerous places to amuse and entertain them. During the first levels the number of customers is not so huge but when they find out that you are the best hotel owner they occupy all the rooms. This means you'll have even more work in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game! And some of your buildings may also be damaged by the careless customers. But don't be afraid of it - download the game for free and get to know how to build the best hotels anywhere!