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Kingdom's Heyday
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Kingdom's Heyday

Help the princess make the kingdom prosperous in the gorgeous game Kingdom's Heyday! The king doesn’t care about anything except fame and heroic deeds. He wants to become famous for feats of arms. As soon as the king goes to war against orcs, the princess starts rebuilding the kingdom. Help her with this difficult task in the wonderful time management game Kingdom's Heyday! New objectives will be set at the beginning of each level. At first you will build the huts for the peasants, but soon you will be able to build cabins and houses. Remember: the higher the luxury level is the more coins you get. To increase the luxury level you can build gazebos or upgrade buildings. You need to repair some of them, otherwise they won’t bring you money. Ruins and swamps reduce the luxury and cost of buildings, so get rid of them as quickly as you can! Soon you will be able to build not only residential but commercial building as well, for example, taverns. Get amazing rewards for your achievements. Install 100 luxury upgrades and you will be called the Luxury Lover. For demolishing 10 dumps and old buildings you will get the "Down with Dirt" reward. Build 10 fountain promenades and get the gorgeous reward "Singing Fountains". And, finally, complete all levels with the best possible result and you will be called the Splendid Ruler! Help the princess rebuild the kingdom and make it prosper in the game Kingdom's Heyday!