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Kelly Green: Garden Queen
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Kelly Green: Garden Queen

Download flower game Kelly Green: Garden Queen and learn all the gardening techniques in one game! Kelly Green, a city girl, inherits her grandparents' nursery and moves to the countryside. In this flower game you are to help Kelly grow bunches of beautiful flowers. The game is actually very realistic and educational. As you pass 50 levels covering 4 seasons you will find out which season is the best for which sorts of flowers. You will also learn how to plant flowers since some of them are actually very sensitive and need to be looked after in a greenhouse first before getting planted outside. In Kelly Green: Garden Queen you will know how to protect your flowers from crows: the measures are multiple - from scarecrows to cats (pity, no guns). Dead plants and cows will help you provide your flowers with the best productive soil. While you are learning all these techniques different orders from your clients have already started flooding in. Bring the flower nursery back to its glory and make Kelly's grandparents proud of her and her brother Neil. Download flower game and enjoy the atmosphere of countryside with cows walking all around (you'll have to milk them by the way) as seasons bring changes to the landscapes. The fast gameplay with new elements being constantly introduced guarantees that you won't feel like the game has slowed down or it has any repetitions. Education and recreation have merged to create a real masterpiece for gamers of all ages. Will Kelly Green become a Garden Queen? Download the game Kelly Green: Garden Queen totally for free right now!