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Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kate's Parents
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Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kate's Parents

Have you heard of Fix-it-up games with a nice girl Kate? This fun is to be continued: Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kates Parents is at your disposal if you download it. Kate's parents are running their own business as they're sick and tired of their boss. It will be a new experience for them to make serious decisions, control everything and earn bigger sums of money. Every simple worker dreams of the better job with the higher salary and more comfortable conditions. And when you become a boss yourself it's the perfect change in your life and you should use it to make the business be successful and earn good money. But then the question comes - what will you do or sell? Mary and Frank have made up their minds to sell cars. It's a nice start but of course not the easiest one: they will have to work hard now to please the clients and find the suitable variant for everyone. The customers have different demands and sometimes they're not even satisfied with the huge variety of cars you offer them. Such things are usually bought for many aims and you can never guess what they will ask next. Showing models you have in your store you'll learn more about what people need. Perhaps, you will even have to order some absent positions. Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kates Parents is a funny game where you'll use all your skills to sell many cars to make your income increase. By showing the vehicles to your clients you'll manage to make them buy something. So you'll get scores, upgrade your store and become the rich and powerful businessman. Join Mary and Frank right now and play Fix-It-Up Eighties: Meet Kates Parents!