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Just Spot It!
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Just Spot It!

Just Spot It! is a game for the most desperate brain crashers! If you want to check your attention and prove your eyes are really observant - welcome to see what's what in the game. The main task is to find the differences and click. There is a panel under the two pictures that will show your progress. Hurry up there's no relaxed mode for the players. Each object seems the same at first but in fact there are 10 or more differences between the images. You need to find all of them and from time to time you can use hints which are also limited. Just Spot It! is a typical game of the genre with excellent graphics' quality and funny musical background. Here you can see such unpredictable units as instruments and you never know what's going to be next. Going from one room to another you look for the details in the similar scenes. Are they really the same as they look? In fact, no. There are tiny knick-knacks that are tricky and you need to focus in order to notice all that discrepancy. Just Spot It! is fantastically realistic in every way, it seems like you find yourself in a real house where there are tons of things big and small, new and old. After a while you search and find quicker as you brain gets used to little inequalities. Diverse interiors and thrilling observing process are waiting for you in this game. Feel free to download it right now. Search for otherness and rack your brains! Available right now for free.