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Jungle Boy

Wild jungle is something that most of us have never seen in real life. We only dream about wild nature and the sounds of birds flying in the trees but a great part of our life we spend working and doing our own business away from nature. We think of wonderful distant lands where people and animals live together and get on well. Somebody may say that it's only a myth that doesn't exist at all but what if it's true and such places can be found somewhere! Just imagine that you're a little Jungle Boy who has nothing to worry about and who is able to do what he wants from running among the palm trees to swimming in the ocean. He doesn't have to obey anybody or work or do any job he doesn't like. All you need is to play with your fantasy and relax to hear the peaceful sounds of the waves and feel the light of the sun on your cheeks and body. Now you're a Jungle Boy and numerous adventures are waiting for you! You're given some time to shake off all your problems and just have fun in the jungle. Discover the island and collect nuts and crystals. But beware of snakes and monkeys - they can be dangerous. No doubt you're brave and flexible enough to avoid all the barriers and rich the aim. Green grass and juicy fruit are all around - don't miss the chance to try this kind of pleasure and dive into the unfamiliar world of happiness. Learn about the childhood of Jungle Boy! Download this funny game right now and open new possibilities which you've never had before! It's really worth trying!


Download Jungle Boy - Free Jungle Game Download Jungle Boy - Free Jungle Game Download Jungle Boy - Free Jungle Game


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System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 800 Mhz or better
512 Mb RAM
DirectX 8.1
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