The Juicer

The Juicer - Fruits game
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The Juicer

Science is fun and cool! Although sometimes it leads to quite wrong results, such as growing an unexpectedly large harvest. Help brave farmer save his belongings as well as his life and fight mutants in the game The Juicer. His only dream was to have bigger fruits and vegetables, unfortunately he chose the incorrect way when had added a little spoon of genetics to common fertilizers. Peaches rise first in a horrible riot and go straight to their creator to take him over and start global invasion. Defeat them and protect the farmer and humanity! To eliminate their whole population scientists need an antidote full of fresh juice. Collect it by shooting fruit and be ready for new waves. Using their brain mutant flora representatives got several buses and air balloons so be sure they are going to use everything against you! Hit them all using regular weapon, a machine gun, or grenades and enjoy this awesome shooting game The Juicer. Remember that their heads contain much more juice than bodies. Don't miss bonuses which may bring you extra money, ammo, and of course juice. Spend the cash in the upgrade shop and increase the damage of your grenades and bullets or get a better fence! Find special armor to be really invulnerable. Find time bonus to prolong level limits and have enough possibilities to fill the juice-bar. Be ready to face enormous peach commanders and shoot peach deserters because they give you quite a lot of necessary juice. Abandon boring and download the outstanding game The Juicer. Remember, that peaches are just the beginning.


Download The Juicer - Fruits game Download The Juicer - Fruits game Download The Juicer - Fruits game


5 locations with over 30 various levels
More than 20 unique enemies
5 means of transport
Over a dozen of guns and upgrades
A dozen of power-ups, bonuses and anti-bonuses
Incredible fun
Awesome graphics and gameplay
Fruits game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor 1.4 Ghz or better
256 Mb RAM
32 Mb of video memory
DirectX 9.0
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