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Jigsaw Deluxe
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Jigsaw Deluxe

Jigsaw Deluxe is the best puzzle game ever! Don't believe it? Then download it quickly and see with your own eyes. Now you can build the pyramid of Cheops in less than 10 minutes rather than centuries! Your goal in Jigsaw Deluxe is to compose a whole picture out of many small oddly-shaped pieces. But several peculiarities make the game really unique. First of all, there are many themes, each having lots of pictures inside. You can choose the one you want to compose. Secondly, you can also choose the shape of the elements. Thirdly, depending on your mood you may select the number of elements: are you up to a challenge or just want to have some fun during a break? But not all pictures and themes are available when you start the game. You need to unlock some of them by getting exact number of points. So choose a picture and start playing! Still not sure? Come on! While you are making the picture, the elements are moving around. You have to finish the puzzle before the moving pieces reach the opposite side of the field. Hurry up and concentrate! To make it a little easier, there are special pieces with power-ups: magnet and magnifying glass. They will help you find the right place for a piece. After your first victory you will be able to unlock some more pictures and continue playing. And if you get tired of such points-hunting you can always choose the Relax Mode and simply enjoy collecting a picture to the light music.

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