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Jigsaw BOOM
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Jigsaw BOOM

What do you like to do when you want something calm and peaceful? Some people prefer to watch colorful pictures and old photos from their albums. But our photos can make us bored - we have already seen them hundreds of times and it's impossible to repeat watching them again and again. It's not interesting anymore. But what can you do if you want to relax and have pleasant rest after a hard working day? What if you could not only watch some new pictures and photos but also play with them. It's even more than simple puzzle game - it's Jigsaw BOOM and we would like you to take part in it! This game is a nice way to spend time doing something interesting and complicated at the same time. Rack your brains - it's going to be a difficult task for those who're tired of silly car races and useless fights. Now it's high time to create pictures with your own hands and contemplate them. Jigsaw BOOM has prepared a lot of different opportunities for you to make a perfect start and turn the process of playing into an adventurous trip to the various places of the world. You can use all the functions to see the pieces of the pictures better or even get a good idea of the whole image you should get in the end. Moreover, it's always up to you to choose any of the pictures from the album and even the number of the details. Just imagine how nice it is to sit in front of your computer and see more and more photos you've just done yourself! Jigsaw BOOM is really entertaining and there's no doubt you should try it right now!