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Welcome, friend! Provide your brains with a perfect workout in the game Jabber! A funny hare is at all pains to read a Snow Queen's book but unfortunately falls down in the hole where he found a chaos of letters instead of the desirable fairy-tale. Help this funny character combine letters into words in the captivating puzzle Jabber! Set a challenge to your vocabulary in the classic mode and search for words on the enormous letter-field. Click the vowels and consonants in correct order to get as long words as possible. The longer the word is – the more points you get. Use a wild star which can replace any letter. Play the original game Jabber to have a rest or to train your mind or just for fun! Fill the windowsill with beautiful flowers after the word is made and proceed to the next level after this one is completed. Use with red and yellow and orange flowers and get even bigger bonus! Move further and overcome different obstacles. Remove icy letters before they reach the bottom or you'll lose. Create words with coupled letters and watch the blue flower appearing, it means that the level is about to finish. Check out arcade mode to set to your brains a real challenge! If you consider there is not a single word to make, just click on the hare and he will kindly shuffle the board so that you are able to go on playing. Download the free puzzle Jabber and fill the fairy-tale book to enjoy an interesting story after you finish the game.


Download Jabber - Word Game Download Jabber - Word Game Download Jabber - Word Game


Funny main character
Captivating fairy-tale
Cool mini-games
Various bonuses
20+ entertaining levels
Word Game - Absolutely FREE

System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
CPU speed: 700 Mhz
RAM: 128 MB
Video RAM: 64 MB
Video card: GeForce 2MX
Sound card: Onboard
DirectX 7.0
Hard drive space: 20 MB
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