Magic Gardens

Magic Gardens
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Magic Gardens

Travel to the enchanting gardens and reveal the mysteries in the puzzle game Magic Gardens! Are you fond of puzzles? If you like solving various puzzles – the game Magic Gardens is the best choice. Here you will visit the wonderful magical world in 4 seasons, you appear in the gardens in spring when the nature starts awakening from a long exhausting winter. Once there lived a sorcerer in the Kingdom of Seasons but people didn’t like him – they thought that he wanted to drive them out of the kingdom by inflicting various floods and earthquakes. But the sorcerer was not guilty in all these disasters, he even wanted to protect people from them. But after exiling from the kingdom, he decided to outwit the narrow-spirited citizens. He has cast spells on the magnificent land turning it into mystic land where some of the items have no shadow, another are hidden away from people and you have to solve puzzles to get to the sense of things. Enjoy the pack of games where everybody can find a puzzle to their taste! In some of them you are to look at the pictures and try to find an item looking only on its shape – sometimes it’s really undertaking! Be attentive to find the item because there is a great mess on the pictures to make the puzzle more difficult. But if you are stuck – you can always use helpful hints. Keep in mind that the hints are able to recharging so during one level you can get some of them if you are quick enough to notice the hint star. So keep your eyes open not to miss the magic spheres with hints. If you don’t use it in this level, you get an extra slot for hints next time. Collect special stars to unlock next missions and explore the miraculous world in the game Magic Gardens! Each level in the mission can give you 3 stars maximum for your best score, when your star marker reaches the mission goal – the Nest Mission button appear and you can continue your travelling! So get ready to challenging puzzles in the game Magic Gardens and rack your brains!


Scarica Magic Gardens Scarica Magic Gardens Scarica Magic Gardens


Lots of puzzles
Helpful hints
4 seasons
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Requisiti di sistema

Windows XP/Vista/7
Processore 800 Mhz o superiore
RAM 256 Mb
DirectX 9.0
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