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Robin's Island Adventure
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Robin's Island Adventure

A storm has left you stranded on an island uncharted on any modern maps or images. However, luckily for you this island is not without inhabitants - befriend the native islanders in Robin's Island Adventure as you set off to rebuild your ship and make your way home. The game Robin's Island Adventure is a matching puzzle game where you take on the role of Robin. Forced to enlist the help of the natives in his quest to set sail for home, Robin finds herself solving puzzles that will enable her to build a house and other structures to balance the needs of the natives with her own ultimate goal of collecting the supplies needed to voyage out once more. Complete matching puzzles to gain access to the hidden objects you need to complete your tasks and progress from level to level. Only by beating all 126 levels will you be able to complete your mission and build the vessel you need to return to familiar shores. However, completing the story is only one of the two available game modes, meaning that Robin's Island Adventure is sure to provide hours of fun. Five original power-ups keep the gameplay fresh and unique, giving you new and exciting mechanics to try and obtain the highest score. Help Robin escape this foreign tropic land and return home!