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Royal Defense: Invisible Threat
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Royal Defense: Invisible Threat

Defend the fortress from the hordes of trolls in the dynamic game Royal Defense: Invisible Threat! Poor dwarves are protecting their fortress and the hordes of trolls are trying to invade the lands! The game Royal Defense: Invisible Threat will equally impress kids and adults. To begin with, choose the difficulty mode: Easy, Normal or Hard. 2 different campaigns are waiting for you: Forgotten Fields and Snowfall Mountains. But you have to earn a certain number of stars to open the second campaign. Are you ready for a fight? First of all buy weapons with the coins that you have at the beginning of the level and choose the place for them. You will get coins for killing each enemy. You can also build mines and get more gold, with which you will buy weapons and upgrades for them. But watch out! There are lots of warriors! The wolves and infantrymen are the most vulnerable. The enemies in chain armor are slow but possess excellent health. If you can't cope with enemies using only guns, try your magic spells! Meteor rain, Earthquake and Swamp will significantly damage your hostiles. Frost will slow them down. You have a unique opportunity to upgrade all the weapons and spells after you defeat all the enemy's waves. What is more important for you: to increase the damage from your weapons or to make your spells more powerful? Or maybe you will decide to increase the outpost durability? Help the dwarves protect the fortress in the game Royal Defense: Invisible Threat!