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Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome
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Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome

Adventure awaits in this new point and click adventure. In Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome you take on the role of Francesca di Porta, a cunning young inspector who must unravel the mystery behind a couple who has won the world's largest lottery jackpot in history, but then vanished without claiming a cent. Traverse the Italian countryside as you explore many exotic locations in search for clues that will help you find the missing lovers. Many puzzles seem to stand in your path, such as an antique lightbox whose mirrors require careful alignment. Collect objects well-hidden behind the scenery to aid you in your quest as you go from scene to scene in this compelling tale. Clues seem to point to a connection to the renaissance inventory Leonardo Da Vinci, though how this long-departed genius is involved in your quest remains shrouded in mystery. Photo-realistic art makes Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome a beauty to behold. You will find yourself progressing to the next puzzle as much to uncover the new imagery as you are to follow the compelling story. Only by masterful application of your strategic wit will you be able to uncover the entire mystery and discovered the truth behind what happened to the missing couple. Insider Tales: Vanished in Rome is a new puzzle adventure where you must always be quick witted and on your toes!