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Infant Puzzles
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Infant Puzzles

Infant Puzzles is a jigsaw game for all your family and mostly children. Have some good and useful time for your brains in front of the screen, try to combine small fragments of large and interesting image. You may choose more than 100 different pictures in Infant Puzzles; each is made in a specific manner and genre. Take a look at wonderful scenes and landscapes, city views and wild animals, natural villages and seas. Every image is waiting for being completed! You can play just for relaxation during the break at work or find some more difficult level while sitting home and have no need to rush. The game provides you with a small 50-piece puzzle or the large one with 150 pieces. Puzzles may also consist of even 260 fragments to be put together in a friendly company of relatives. Adults and children are excited by perfect game, moreover, they try to improve imagination and attention, develop memory and logic. Experienced players may assemble piece rotation mode with funny jumping puzzles. You will understand soon, that it is a bit harder, but get some work for your brain or find some rest for your ears while playing puzzles and listening to nice music. Or maybe you have an opportunity to relax for an hour in a comfortable armchair? Classic Infant Puzzles offer you a perfect chance to get some rest. You may discover the features of this game in a context menu with all these different options and hints; and a counter at the top of the screen is showing and controlling your success and time for each task.