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HyperBalloid: Around the World
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HyperBalloid: Around the World

Nowadays there appear a great number of computer games as the developers believe they can make a lot of money on our passion for playing. However, we are not pleased when we have to choose from the tons of games which are similar like twins. That's why the developers and designers have to create something new to attract our attention. And the team created the game HyperBalloid: Around the World seems to succeed performing this task. Meet really addictive arcanoid with great design! The rules are universal for all the games with the ball and the paddle – destroy all the objects on the playing field, complete the level and start a new one. Seems really simple? That's the case – the developer has to attract our attention creating something unusual in the narrow bounds of the genre. In the game HyperBalloid: Around the World you will be definitely amazed by the colorful design. You can choose among 3 themes– Space Abstraction, Around the World and Wild Kingdom. Select the one you like most as no matter what you choose you will be impressed by the animated picture. The objects on the field are moving and you can see a galaxy which changes its position in the space or the high mountains just after eruption of the volcano. Moreover, in the game HyperBalloid: Around the World there are numerous bonuses. You haven't expected such number and variety of them! Certainly, it'll be difficult to remember them all at first and you can catch anti-bonus instead. But this will not spoil your impression of the funny game!