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House of Wonders: Kitty Kat Wedding
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House of Wonders: Kitty Kat Wedding

Have you heard of House of Wonders: Kitty Kat Wedding? Every little girl dreams of the perfect wedding in the future. When she thinks of all those decorations, beautiful flowers in cute small vases, huge creamy cakes, crowds of guests and other elements she starts looking forward to the wonderful day. And her prince will come to her place riding his white horse and make her a proposal. How nice it should be! And millions of words can be said of the dress the girl has been dreaming about for over 20 years. Of course, it should be the cutest, the widest and the richest dress in the world so that people could say they've never seen such a magnificent bride and have never been at such a splendid wedding. But as we all know the drawback of the best ceremony is the money it demands. The budget of the young couple is so small and it's never suitable enough to make this day perfect and unforgettable. Besides, we shouldn't forget of those numerous relatives and friends who will inevitably come to the event. Who is going to pay for them? How to make the wedding wonderful and not to beggar yourself? You'll have to find the answers to these questions in House of Wonders: Kitty Kat Wedding. Felicity and Mr. Bones need money. They love each other and want to get married. If you earn money selling objects you'll find they'll be grateful to you and manage to make the wedding of their dream. So come on! Try your hand in House of Wonders: Kitty Kat Wedding and help all the lovers' dreams come true!