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Hot Zomb
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Hot Zomb

A group of young rockers travels to another city to give their first concert. They get tired and stop at some small town which turns out to be inhabited by zombies! Help the main characters survive in this evil city in a game Hot Zomb! You can choose the character you like to play for him or her. Together with your friends you will wander about the evil city. Watch out! The zombies can dig out right from the land under your feet. Some of them look really scary, and some are a bit funny, for example, a zombie on crutches. You can call other characters to help you fight with the evil creatures. The interesting feature of the game Hot Zomb is that the characters can’t be entirely killed until one of them is alive. The survived character must simply stand near the dead ones to cure them. Destroy the vending machines to get bonuses. Push Z button to open the ZShop. You can choose different types of weapons there: gun, pistol, rifle and laser rifle. But you need to collect the ZCoins to be able to buy a powerful weapon. The music and sound effects are exciting in the game Hot Zomb. You will listen to the rock music and will hear the roars of zombies. If you are not afraid of zombies appearing right under your feet then go ahead and help teenagers in the game Hot Zomb!