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Holiday Jigsaw Christmas
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Holiday Jigsaw Christmas

Feel the Christmas atmosphere with the exciting game Holiday Jigsaw Christmas! This game is a real gift for those who are fond of jigsaw puzzles. Create the unbelievable and miraculous Christmas atmosphere in any season! The variety of images will pleasantly strike you. In the game Holiday Jigsaw Christmas you will meet the images of all Christmas and New Year symbols: Santa Claus, Xmas trees, ginger cookies, sparkling toys, wreaths, snowmen, garlands, bells, angels, gorgeously decorated houses, socks with presents, candies and candles. Of course, there is no Christmas without deer and other funny animals dressed in holiday costumes. For the achievements in the game you can earn unique trophies! Do you want to get a fur tree statuette? This trophy is called Meditation and you can earn it for 1, 5, 10 and 50 hours of play. If you want to be called a Jigsaw Expert than earn 10 000, 100 000 or 1 000 000 points. One of the best game features is that you can make your own settings and choose the number of pieces for each puzzle, the way the pieces are distorted, whether to rotate the elements or not. With the help of the Image button you can always have a look at a miniature and make sure you put the pieces together correctly. Push the Ghost button and the image will appear at the background. Use the Magnifying Glass to have a closer look at the pieces. The Border button will leave only the border elements at the game board. You can always use a Hint. The Pocket will help you to clear the game board. Just put some puzzle pieces into it. Enjoy the holiday spirit with the fantastic game Holiday Jigsaw Christmas!