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Hidden Wonders of the Depths
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Hidden Wonders of the Depths

Join the little crab and travel through Hidden Wonders of the Depths! What is the secret hidden there underwater? Isn't it dangerous to dive so deep? In the secret depths of the ocean many treasures and ancient artifacts are covered with sand and stones and you need experienced and dexterous divers to find them and lift them up. The mermaid is waiting for you to help her build a new castle and you need to take part in lots of mini-games for doing that. Every time you accomplish a level there appears a new element in her little kingdom. Hidden Wonders of the Depths contains lots of games, riddles and mosaics that will rack your brains and make you think for a while. The animation is funny and colorful, the crab is a little treasure hunter who will accompany you to the chests with mosaic parts. Every new step brings new facts and gets the pieces of the mystery back together again. Hidden Wonders of the Depths is an extraordinary matching game for the adorers. You will receive a limited amount of time and a task at the beginning of each step. Follow the rules and match identical parts as quickly as possible. Collect coins and puzzle pieces and gain new magic powers! Find new inhabitants for the mermaid's house under the secret tiles and be the first to learn all the secrets of the ocean! The views will hypnotize you, the game will capture your attention and your leisure time will be carried off by this excellent matching game that is free to download right now! Hidden wonders are waiting for you!