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The Hedgehogs
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The Hedgehogs

Welcome to the magic forest! Here you'll meet the funniest creatures, the Hedgehogs. There were times, when they freely walked in the forest, filled it with vivid movement and amusing sounds and lived happily with their queen. But soon a cunning forest witch kidnapped the poor things. Liberate The Hedgehogs and save the wood from the evil sorcery. For this purpose you'll have to solve numerous brain-teasers. Place the creatures of the same color in rows and columns so that they disappear from the bewitched field. This way you fill in the flask with magic portion that is able to remove the spell. There is an opportunity to choose what mode of the game is preferable to you. If you select a classic one you shouldn't waste a minute! Hurry up! The sun goes down very quickly. Night is a time when there's no chance to fight against the witch. You are to get through lots of fascinating modes here. You can also choose Zen mode and play untimed game. All your moves will be counted. Try to concentrate and calculate next steps in advance in your mind. Moreover, if you manage to achieve success, you'll be granted for this. Collect all the trophies of the game! Value your results at the end of the game and try to improve them next time! Multicolor animated graphics and amusing sound effects will make you believe in wonders! This will make the gameplay more entertaining! Don't miss a chance to download this collection of cool puzzles right now absolutely for free and enjoy the company of the Hedgehogs!