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Gothic Masquerade
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Gothic Masquerade

Want a really brain teasing game? New experience similar to the investigating process is waiting for you! Gothic Masquerade will make you feel like a famous searcher Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes who were legends in this field! Every new scene is similar to a crime scene and you need to notice every single detail by yourself. Every new step brings you closer to the final puzzle which is extremely complicated. All the objects are divided into hidden and super hidden as they are almost completely invisible. But if you try hard at the game this will be one of the best adventures you've participated in. The game is full of surprises and unpredictable in many ways. Your attention must be focused on the list of words or shapes while you are matching the objects in the picture. Every new room is a chaos full of things hung on the walls, on the ceiling and thrown on the floor. Be quick as the clock is ticking and you need to accomplish the task within the given time. After a series of levels you will be offered a spot-the-difference or sliding tile puzzles mini-game where you also need to think and analyze! Gothic Masquerade is enjoyable because of its design which is spooky and in a Halloween style! Every room is decorated in a very peculiar horror film manner, seems like something really bad has happened here not long ago or… is still happening! Every single item is drawn in a very detailed way so you will find it absolutely realistic and enjoyable. Gothic Masquerade is available to download right now!

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