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Ghost Sweeper
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Ghost Sweeper

Are you smart and skilled enough to defeat the dark lord? Check your abilities in the game Ghost Sweeper! After many centuries of oblivion, the dark lord is resurrected from the ashes, coming back to his castle… and cursing the lands all around! Legions of undead and ghosts wander freely haunting every place and giving the people only one option – to escape. But when all hope goes away, the heroes appear. The ghost sweepers are here and they will do their best to banish the monsters! Get ready to face the funniest army of darkness ever! Amazing ghosts, laughing pumpkins, creaky skeletons and many other weird creatures are waiting for you in the game Ghost Sweeper! Explore 8 locations from the Dark Forest to the Evil Lord Lair passing through the haunted villages and graveyards to outwit the dark lord and save people in the game Ghost Sweeper!