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Garden Defense
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Garden Defense

In a little town of Lindencroft there lives a Smith family. Allen, Laurel and Charlotte are studying how to get rid of the bothersome insects which are trying to eat every plant in this poor neighborhood. Garden Defense is not an easy battle! There are a lot of pests' types and for each one there is only one way to destroy it. The Smiths' garage has numerous inventions ready to fight the bugs. But the family has no idea how to arrange their masterpieces in order to protect the whole garden. Are you ready to help them? You will be the strategist! Find the best spots for different devices and watch how easily they cope with the insects. After the first victory in Garden Defense you can buy additional devices or upgrade the ones you already have. There is a very wide range of them: a gnome which can shoot moving targets, a statue that will drown all the slugs, a cactus which can shoot with its needles and many others… But don't think that all these inventions will make you immortal! The bugs are getting stronger and they're not planning to give up. They are very hungry and irritated. Hurry up and use additional devices: a flamingo which can fight the insects, a plant which lets out an awful smell or a sunflower which shoots even better than the gnome. Your army of deadly machines will definitely defeat the pests. They will finally leave the small town alone and fly away. Garden Defense has excellent animation and the green color which is dominating in this game will soothe your eyes after a busy day.