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Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride
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Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride

You are fond of horror films and can't live without strong emotions? Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride is a game that will catch your imagination! The story says that one day Brad didn't find his wife Janet at home. He worried very much and had nothing to do but to go in search for her. In the end he turned out to be in Bavaria. Once walking in the dark forest he heard a terrible scream. Bred followed the sound and found himself in a gloomy castle - the house of Lord Albrecht von Frankenstein. It emerged that Janet's body was dismembered as a crazy scientist tried to set up his last experiments on her before his death. Though Brad is terrified now, he doesn't lose his hope to save his wife. All he needs is to find all the parts of his bride's body. She is still alive and gives him detailed instructions what help Bred orient in the castle. Help the man to rescue his beloved one! All the rooms are in great disorder, so you should find a lot of things before getting some part of the body. If you are in trouble - use a hint. But bear in mind, that there's only 10 of them for all the levels. Every time Bred finds some missing part his wife is happy and thanks him very much. Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride is a game not for weak-nerved! Scary sound effects and mystical music make it the most catching, terrifying and at the same time funny hidden objects adventure! Well, if you are still not frightened, download Frankenstein - The Dismembered Bride for free right now and help the couple reunite!