Zarya - 1

Zarya - 1
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Catégories: Table, Espace, Simulation

Zarya - 1

Reveal the truth about the far side of the Moon in the game Zarya - 1! We have always thought that we are alone in the universe. But when in 2021 a signal is received from the dark side of the Moon, everything we accepted as normal is put under the question. Lead a team of four United Nations specialists as they unravel the deep, black secrets of the first decades of human space exploration. Zarya - 1 is an interactive fiction game that takes place on the far side of the Moon. Lead a team of four specialists in an effort to locate and explore the source of a mysterious signal. Your decisions will have consequences – but things aren't always clear, and sometimes disasters will happen. Every choice you make will give you a slightly different perspective on the events that will unfold – and with it, another grain of the truth. Will you be able to piece together the whole story?

Captures d'écran

Télécharger Zarya - 1 Télécharger Zarya - 1 Télécharger Zarya - 1


Atmospheric artwork
Vibrant characters
Mature story with multiple endings
Absolument GRATUIT

Exigences du Système

Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Processeur de 800 Mhz ou niveau supérieur
512 Mo de mémoire vive
DirectX 8.1
based on

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