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Weather Lord: Graduation
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Weather Lord: Graduation

Control the elements as you determine the destiny of a future queen in the game Weather Lord: Graduation! The legacy of the Weather Lord continues when the royal family prepares to pass the royal torch to their daughter Jenny. But before Jenny can rule, she must learn the basics! That day comes when pirates steal the Great Dragon's golden egg. Help Jenny and her mentor save the day before the beast unleashes the full fury of her wrath! You will guide Jenny and her workers as they battle pirates, trolls, and ice golems and repair the damage these ne'er-do-wells done. As you race to claim an ancient treasure before the buccaneers, you'll also gather resources, remove obstacles, and complete quests for peasants and fairies. In this game of unlimited imagination, you'll also search for an ancient artifact with a powerful secret, explore islands in the sky, and befriend giant turtles!