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War is being waged on the space station Fobos. New insectoid invaders have attacked your home space station, and are tearing apart the machinery which sustains your fragile existence in space. You must push these parasites off the platforms and back into the endless depths of deep space before your colony is destroyed! Fobos is an arcade-style game in the spirit of the classics which have become part of gaming history. Retro graphics captures the feel of the classic gameplay which makes Fobos so addicting as you play through the 248 levels of gameplay against a dozen different enemies. Packed with three different game modes, Fobos is sure to offer hours of fun. Put your thinking to the test in a puzzling strategy mode which requires you to plan your moves far in advance or test your trigger-like reflexes in the classic arcade mode. Unlike direct clones from the arcade, Fobos has several improvements over its spiritual predecessors. With hours of added content and improved game mechanics, this sci-fi themed arcade game is sure to become a prominent new addition to any gamer's library. Suit up and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle against alien invaders before it is too late!